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With  thousands of users and counting Join The QuickCheck Community! , QuickCheck is the most complete and trusted We Love Our Users! check cashing system on the market.

Amercias Best Check Cashing Software

The Best Check Cashing Software Gives you the Best Data Network

We truly care about your check cashing business as much as you do, which is why we offer you the largest data network to help you detect fraud and grow your business. At the core of our check cashing software is the largest data base on company profiles, customer identification, and banking data. In addition, QuickCheck constantly updates the database to ensure you have the most powerful network and check verification system. You can count on us.

Best Independent Network
Checks Cashed & Counting
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Endless Possibilities: The Only Check Cashing Software You Need

QuickChecks’s extensive database and verification tools allows you to mitigate risks for payroll checks, tax refunds, and treasury checks. Furthermore, its unique risk tolerance settings lets you create a software that suits your needs. These simple yet powerful options allow you to change your policies as your business grows and evolves. You will never need to restart your check cashing business again.


Incredible Features That Go Beyond Check Cashing Software

QuickCheck is loaded with useful features, each one designed to help your business. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. QuickCheck is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Stop Fraud Checks

Stop Fraud Checks

QuickCheck goes beyond basic verification and fingerprinting.  You get the most complete set of tools to stop all types of check cashing fraud. You can easily identify fake checks, fake customer identification, and bank related risks…

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Check Cashing Customer Management

Bring Customers Back

QuickCheck securely stores all check cashing data allowing you to provide faster and more convenient service to your customers. This intern builds large customer base and drives profitability by delivering  repeat business…

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AML Compliance Software

Stay Compliant

Federal and State laws can be difficult to navigate, but QuickCheck makes it easy to stay compliant.  It serves as not only a great check cashing system, but also a great anti money laundering software…

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Check Cashing Data

Protect Your Data

Your data is your data. Unlike other check cashing software, QuickCheck does not give your competitors the opportunity to use your data. You work hard to grow your customer base,  and we work hard to keep them yours…

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Start Check Cashing Business

Complete Business Management

Our goal is make it easy for you to manage your check cashing business. From automated deposit slips, to in depth business performance reports  and cash management controls, QuickCheck gives you everything you need to efficiently manage your business…

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Check Verification System

Rely Less on Employees

QuickCheck eliminates risks associated with employee turnover.  Without QuickCheck, your check cashing history and knowledge base disappears with your employees when they leave. Why put your business in the hands of your employees? Set policies and retain your data…

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Check Cashing Mobile App

Check Cashing On The Go

With QuickCheck mobile app, you can monitor your check cashing business and view every check cashed right from your smart phone. Even better, the app gives you access to business metric reports that you love on your desktop QuickCheck check  cashing system…

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Check Cashing Business Management Software

Manage More than Check Cashing

QuickCheck allows you to manage much more than your check cashing business.  Your check cashing system will come with free tools that allow you to manage other services such as money orders, wire transfers, and phone cards.  Our customers asked, and we delivered…

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Check Cashing Software Support

One Click Support

With QuickCheck, your dedicated account representative is just one click away.  Or if you prefer to call, you’ll have your account reps office phone number AND cell phone number. Great service is our foundation, and we make it easy to reach us anytime of the day…

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Policies

  • Supports Payroll & Treasury Checks

  • Verify ID and Phone Number

  • Optional Finger Print Identification

  • Cash Dispenser Integration

  • Quick AML Compliance Binder

  • Verify Bank Account Status

  • Detailed Reports of all Transactions

  • Complete Overview of Fees

  • Quickly Create SAR and CTR Logs

  • Employee and Shift Level Reports

  • Reduce Dependency On Employees

  • Maintain Complete Check Images

  • Custom Alerts and Detection Tools

  • Automatic OFAC/SDN Verification

  • Avoid exceeding CTR & SAR Limits

  • Easy Online Data Backup

  • Auto Encrypt Customer Data

  • Electronically Deposit Checks

  • Manage Other Money Services

  • Multiple Check Cashing Stations

  • Get Shift Level Cash Reconciliation

  • Remotely Monitor Cash Balance


Best In Class Support: You Need It, We Provide It.

Out #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your check cashing business as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, QuickCheck constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. Rest assure, we are here for you.

Check Cashing Program with Best Service

Ridiculously Easy Setup For Check Cashing System

Many check cashing program providers claim to have a quick setup, but leave you dealing with several complications after the sale. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. QuickCheck truly offers a quick, easy setup. Install the software, plug in your hardware, configure your settings, and start cashing checks. It doesn’t get easier than that. Our setup process is a beautiful thing.


Best Check Cashing System

User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our user base. When you have QuickCheck Check Cashing System, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 5,000 users and counting, you cannot go wrong with QuickCheck. Check out what our users are saying about QuickCheck!

“WOW – This is the Best Decision I Have Made.”

WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. This is the Best Check Cashing System I have ever seen. I am a full time check cashing operator, and this check cashing software blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Your experience in the industry really shows and I think you thought of every feature and then some. But thank Best $100 bucks I have ever spent in my entire life! WOW- AMAZING!”
– FASTCash, Utah

QuickCheck check cashing software paid for itself within the first month by catching fraud and counterfeit checks!
Stewart Pharmacy , Tennessee
The system is very good at stopping fraud. I have seen decreases in fraud and increase in profits. Overall it is an extraordinary account verification service.!
Stop N Shop, Florida
With QuickCheck secure check cashing I never have to worry about my data being copied or stolen.
BP Foodmart, Georgia
QuickCheck anti-money laundering software is the best system to stop fraud checks. Even the auditors that came to audit my store loved it. They said they have never seen anything this comprehensive.
Supermarket , Tennessee
QuickCheck is far better than my previous check cashing system and has made my check cashing business a lot easier to run.
Speedy Stop, Florida

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