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EmagineNET Technologies provides innovative software solutions that help retail businesses minimize check-cashing risks. We are dedicated to developing cost effective products and real-time software services that allow our customers to confidently offer check-cashing services and in so doing reach the highly lucrative un-banked consumer segment.

The un-banked consumer segment presents a unique set of challenges that make it difficult to identify and manage risks using the traditional set of risk management tools. We have used our 10+ years of experience in the check-cashing industry and our familiarity with the un-banked consumer markets to developed an innovative set of tools that help overcome these challenges. These tools are packaged into our full suite of products and services that provide our customers with quick and concise information that accurately reflects the risk on a transaction.

At EmagineNET Technologies, we are 100% committed to providing the best check-cashing solutions to our customers.

Our Crazy Numbers

4.5 Million Checks Cashed
3.2 Million Customers Served
1.4 Million Registered Companies
2.1 Billion Dollars Cashed