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Stop Fraud Checks

Go Beyond Verification & Fingerprints to Stop Fraud with Check Verification Service & Account Verification Service

Reduce Fraud Checks

4-D Approach – A proven way to stop fraud checks

Verifications and fingerprints are only the first step in fighting fraud checks. QuickCheck’s exclusive 4-D Approach goes beyond these basic steps. It allows you to:

  • Distinguish new (riskier) checks from repeat (more profitable) ones
  • Determine the risk level on each check using right verification tools
  • Deter fraud using fingerprinting and imaging
  • Delimit exposure to risky transactions to prevent repeat fraud

Only QuickCheck is uses this proven 4D Approach; this is the reason QuickCheck stops more fraud checks than any other system.

Stop Treasury Check Fraud

Stop treasury check fraud

QuickCheck’s Treasury Check Verification connect directly with US Government’s database to verify if a treasury check

  • Has never been issued by the government
  • Check number and amount do not match
  • Has stop payment
  • Has already been paid