Check Cashing Network Services

What Is It?

EmagineNET Network is a nationwide network of check cashers that share relevant positive and negative company and customer data. EmagineNET Network Services are a set of real-time verification and data services that leverage this network to offer merchants an additional line of risk management tools. The services are designed to help merchants evaluate risk on a companies and/or customers for whom local profiles do not exist. They also provide merchants with a check-cashing specific, real-time profile of specific company and customer on the EmagineNET Network.

What Services Are Available?

  • QuickConfirm Company: Provides real-time check-cashing specific profile of companies whose checks have been cashed on the EmagineNET Network.
  • QuickConfirm Customer: Provides real-time check-cashing specific profile of customers who have cashed checks on the EmagineNET Network.
  • QuickConfirm ID: Provides real-time verification of Texas ID/DL numbers against trusted sources.
  • QuickConfirm Phone Number: Provides real-time verification of company and customer phone number against trusted sources.
  • QuickConfirm BankĀ : Provides verification of key bank data such as routing number

How Can It Help My Business?

EmagineNET Network Services are designed from ground up to provide independently owned check-cashers access to key information that helps them make an educated decision on check from a new company or customer. Furthermore, they allow the merchant to stay on top of a company’s and customer’s check-cashing activity on the EmagineNET Network and thus to proactively identify potential fraud with that company’s check. These tools are proven to help merchants grow their check-cashing business while minimizing risk